Fatal Accident Ends in Near- Hilarity
by Charles Kim
Post Los Angeles Reporter
May 16, 2010

The three people killed in Inglewood Thursday afternoon were the only ones not laughing when the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile crashed into, and nearly penetrated, Randy's Donuts at 805 West Manchester.
"It was aweful," said Mary Hasting while trying to supress a giggle. "It makes you realize just how precious... damn, it almost made it."
Raquel Chile, 29, Gerald Muesterd, 45, and Benjamin Relesh, 20, were all killed by the wienermobile after driver Rick Cheese, 43, lost control.
"The brakes went out, and everywhere I turned, I was hitting people. I can't forget their faces," said Cheese. "So I turned toward a building. (laughs) I didn't think I'd catch any air off those nuns."
Many spectators felt no need to feign concern for the victims.
Jordan Walker, 19, was one of them.
"I was recording my friend's bike tricks when I saw the wiener-van hitting people," said Walker. "I taped it all the way to its Freudian climax."
Walker's YouTube channel became the most popular in the website's history in less than 24 hours.
"I'm bigger than 'Keyboard Cat'," said Walker.
Police have agreed to tow the wienermobile away in a day or two, once everyone has gotten a camera phone picture of it.

watch Jordan Walker's infamous YouTube Video
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