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Senator Rand Paul's Lastest Plagerisms

After several instances coming to light of Senator Rand Paul and his writing staff plagerizing paragraphs from Wikipedia and the Associated Press, journalists are re-scrutinizing years of his speeches. Even the conservative Washington Times has had to give Paul his walking papers. Here are some more reasons why:

  • "Yes We Can!" speech to Tea Party Stepdads (TPS) of Tallahassee, Florida
  • "It Takes a Village" comments to Pro-Life Accountants of America (PLAA)
  • "I Have a Dream" column in Washington Times
  • "Forest Gump Plot Synopsis" speech on Senate floor
  • "The Only Thing We Have to Fear..." speech to battered women's shelter, undiscloses location
  • "We Didn't Land on Plymouth Rock..." comments to the NAACP on the evils of big government
  • "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You..." speech to Kentucky Veterans' Administration
  • "Once More into the Breech" comments to Republican Caucus
  • "Greed is Good" speech to the New York Stock Exchange Board
  • "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" column in Washington Times
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