Blood-Covered, Ax-Wielding Man Turns
in Winning Powerball Lotto Ticket
  by Sarah Quigney
Post Topeka Reporter
November 30, 2012


Authorities in Missouri are "interviewing" an apparent Powerball Lottery winner as a "person of interest" after he redeemed a ticket while covered in blood and wielding an ax.
"What? I always carry this," said Marshall Pennington, 53, of his bloody weapon while trying to receive his share of the $587.5 million jackpot.
Pennington first piqued the Dearborn Police's interest when he couldn't remember where he bought the winning ticket.
"That's a bit unusual," said Detective Mitch Daniels.
Adding to the mystery, the clerk at Trex Mart who sold the winning ticket during his shift did not recognize Pennington when shown his picture.
"He also has two types of blood on the ax, one of which matches the blood on his shirt," said Dective Daniels.
Pennington claims the blood came from slaughtering pigs.
"We found no evidence of pigs on his property, but he did recently pour a new cement floor in his basement," said Daniels.
Dearborn Police are going to continue interviewing the susp- er, Mr. Pennington, as long as possible, or at least until some of his neighbors are reported missing.


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