Morning After Post Keeps
Plagerizing Our Stories

JMG News Service
April 12, 2011
Saul Brinkle, owner of the American Herald Company, our parent company, accused The Morning After Post of repeated acts of plagerism at a press conference Monday.
"We've seen it time and time again," said Brinkle, who still owns a majority stake in all 19 Sun-Herald newspapers, including our own.
Brinkle claims to have proof that the Post papers and newssite have reprinted Herald news service stories hundreds of times without permission or compensation.
"We think they're copying and pasting them without even reading them," said Brinkle.
Harvey Winton, the Post's national editor-in-chief, was unavailable for comment.
"That's absurd," said his secretary, who refused to identify herself.
Brinkle said the plagerism appeared to be both a systemic problem and failure on the part of individual reporters, most likely due to corporate streamlining in their newsrooms.
"When the Post isn't full of our stories, it's full of personal opinions, conjecture, rants, diatribes, office gossip and sexual shennanigans- that is, anything they can do to fill column inches, short of reporting," he said.
While Brinkle felt compelled to alert the nation to this blatant violation of copywrite infringement, he also stopped short of saying he would pursue civil action against the Post.
The Post and its parent company, International Jones, Inc., do, in his defense, have more lawyers than reporters.
"I wouldn't be surprised if they reprinted this story."
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