Sarah Palin Defeats Alien Invaders?
Palin family believed to be 'Krelon invaders'

watch the 23-minute
Gemstone Pictures'
epic, 'Rogue Courage'
kim by Charles Kim
Post Los Angeles Reporter
January 26, 2011

Sarah Palin saved Earth from a fleet of invading aliens, or so a film released Wednesday would have you believe.
The 23-minute feature, "Rogue Courage," claims it's a documentary depicting the former governor of Alaska shooting down "Krelon" space crafts from a helicopter.
"I humbly offer this coverage of a grizzly mom in action," Palin wrote on Facebook Wedesday morning.
"Not on my planet!" she yelled before shooting a flying saucer out of the sky in the film.
By the end of the movie, Palin had shot down 76 saucers, causing the mother ship to flee in fear.
Within hours of Courage's release, however, many critics had debunked it as a fraud.
"Well, for starters, it says 'a Gemstone Picture' in the credits," said Eugene Robinson, Washington Post columnist. "That, and Paul Rudd was her pilot."
Gemstone Pictures revealed that Palin paid over $8 million out of her own pocket to produce the film.
"(Palin) wanted us to take our name off the film, so it would look like real footage," revealed GP President Kip Wesson. "We told her it would be another million. She declined."
Other critics point to the Krelon threat video in the film.
"The Krelon commander was clearly Todd Palin," observed David Letterman. "And his first officer was Bristol. Who was holding Trig. Does she always get her family to do her job for her?"
And, of course, there was the obvious.
"Did she really expect us to believe we forgot an alien invasion?" asked Robinson. "That's a little insulting."
By Wednesday afternoon, Palin had backpeddled her claim to the film's authenticity.
"Courage is just a fun mockumentary! Don't be so serious, you silly liberals!" she Twittered.
While most of the country seems to be shaking its collective head at Palin, the video has been a viral success on YouTube.
"Hell, they think she's an intergalactic hero in Mississippi, Alabama and most of South America." said Letterman.

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