Olbermann Serving Community Service
Hours on Gore's Pretend TV Network


Olbermann Charged with Manslaughter in D.C. Brawl
ed by Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
July 2, 2011
President Obama's 100th Day Press Conference was marred by a violent brawl of cable news teams that resulted in 17 arrests and one death.
"It started with a fight over a camera position, I think," said Shirley Reese, a producer for NPR. "MSNBC and Fox both called 'dibbs' on the same spot."
Multiple witnesses say Chris Matthews threw the first punch.
"Chris had been drinking," admitted colleague Rachel Maddow. "Sean Hannity got in his face, and that was it. You have no idea how hard it is to not hit Hannity in the face when he's in front of you."
Punches and shoves flew freely, and soon teams from Fox, CNN, DNN and MSNBC were consumed in the fight.
"Once Hannity was down, Chip Foxx and Bill O'Reilly ganged up on Matthews," said Maddow.
The CNN news team claimed not to be involved, but that has been disputed by all other participants.
"Wolf Blitzer tried to act like he was above the fighting, reporting on it from the sideline," said weeping former coworker Glenn Beck. "But the tape will clearly ... read all

Last week a judge ruled that Keith Olbermann could serve his community service sentence by recreating his former MSNBC show "Countdown" on a charitably fabricated television network.
"Current TV" was created in 2005 to make former Vice President Al Gore feel like he had his own network.
"Placating Mr. Gore is indeed a noble way to spend your hours," said Judge Harold Eastwick.
Current TV was originally created with secret funding from the Clinton Foundation.
"Al's had a hard time finding his place in the world this past decade," said Bill Clinton. "This is really making him feel special."
Critics argue that Gore is likely to catch on, considering Olbermann didn't bother changing the show at all.
"It's the same as before I went to prison," said Olbermann. "We thought the familiarity would calm Al."
Olbermann's community service is part of his parole from prison, the result of being charged with the manslaughter of a Fox News employee in 2009.
"I was excited to get out at first," he said, "but it turns out my thousand hours only count if they're on-air, so, I'm stuck here for a while."

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