Post Not Going to Pay Microsoft's 'Blood Money' Anymore  

lq by Lindsey Quinn Post Manhattan Reporter February 6, 2013


The Morning After Post will no longer pay for exorbitantly-priced Microsoft Office applications, Post editors announced Wednesday.

"We're done paying those cocksuckers' blood money," said Post Manhattan's editor-in-chief Harvey Winton.

Winton's statement came in response to Microsoft's recently released price structures for Office 2013 and Office 365.

"They want a hundred bucks a computer, with no group discount," said Winton while drinking a bottle of Jones Scotch.


"They said we can lease it for cheaper, but we'd have to buy it again next year. Fuck that."

He said the staff will produce the paper with other software.

"We'll get by with Notepad or Wordpad."

Winton said the reporters and secretaries will also be able to share a few computers that still have Microsoft Works or Corel's Wordperfect installed.

"They can take turns."

This announcement comes on the heels of Winton saying publicly in January that he didn't need the Adobe software platform to design or illustrate the newspaper or it's website.

"Those price-gouging dicks can blow me," said Winton.