President Obama Makes Second-Term Changes at the White House


  edby Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
January 24, 2013


Three days into his second term of office, President Barack Obama announced there will be some changes in the White House.
"The morning intelligence briefings will now take place in the sauna," said President Obama, "so grab a towel."
He's also making some renovations.
"Just bring those into the West Wing," the president told movers carrying three hot tubs.
A 72-inch flat-screen TV was reportedly installed in the Oval Office and a shark tank is being built in the Lincoln Bedroom.
No one knows where the disco ball is being installed.
None of this surprises Marie Ritchfield, 84, who has been a White House residence housekeeper for over 36 years.
"This is pretty typical of second termers," said Ritchfield. "They all get a little cocky."
President Obama has also been loaned a white Bengal tiger from the National Zoo in Washington, DC, for the remainder of his administration.
"Is that thing hypoallergenic? What about house-broken? Fuck it, bring him in," the President was heard saying on the phone.
When asked what brought about the changes, he just smiled.
"Have I mentioned that I never have to run for office again?"


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