NFL Statement: Ruling Stands, but One
Scab Referee to Be Executed as Example
  tsby Trip Safety
Sports Guru
September 25, 2012


After a controversial ruling by replacement referees that gave the Monday Night Football win to the Seattle Seahawks over the Green Bay Packers, the NFL has announced it will not overturn the ruling, but will execute the ref in question.
"While the ruling demonstrated lack of observation, contemplation or basic knowledge of the rules of football, it will stand," said the league statement.
"However, we cannot allow the NFL's reputation to be sullied by mistakes committed by the current replacement referees, so we will be executing referee Wayne Elliott as an example to the others."
Millions of football fans who watched the scab refs give the game to Seattle after Green Bay clearly won heralded the announcement of Elliott's execution.
"Death's too good for him," said Vinnie Giovanni, who's side business lost a great deal to the Monday Night call. "Start by pulling his toenails out 'til he admits who got to him."
Elliott's execution is set for halftime of next week's Monday Night Football game, though there's no end in sight to the NFL owner's lockout of the regular referees.

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