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by Conner Banks
Post Manhattan Reporter
February 13, 2009
Is P.F. Jones?

An investigation into last summer's sabotage of The Morning After Post and parent company IJI has revealed the perpetrators may have had help from the highest echelons of the corporations hierchy.
"The Army of Truth," a group of disgruntled employees, derailed the Post website and Sunday papers for over a month to print their "Media Manifesto."
Computer systems in Manhattan and the Cayman Islands were brought down by a boobytrapped virus called "nero."
Tedious examinations of the fried computer servers has revealed that "nero" may have been more than just a program.
"We found several email fragments containing the word 'nero'," said IT specialist Kiko Yamamoto, "including one Post employee account named nero1."
Yamamoto said nero1 could not be traced to any existing employee, and had transmitted sensitive security material to "Army" members.
"Nero knew stuff only executives and board members know," said Yamamoto. "Looks like the Army has corporate sponsorship."
It's just further proof, to this reporter, that we're getting screwed from above and below.

The Army of Truth
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