MySpace Perpetuates Unwanted Relationships

Is P.F. Jones?

by Jim Stanton
Post Los Angeles Reporter
November 12, 2006

As the phenomenon that is MySpace takes over the nation, many members are realizing the down-side of their world getting smaller.
Corporate Buyer Ben Fredrickson found this out on a recent Monday morning.
“I was off to the start of a great day at work,” said Fredrickson, “then I logged on and found this cheerleader from high school friend-requested me. I thought it was cool at first, until I realized that she had gotten fat and had kids."
"She really only wanted to rope me into the high school reunion," he said. "I thought I was done with those people years ago.”
Fredrickson’s walk down memory lane didn’t end there.
“Chuck Wormer, who used to bully me in the ninth grade, started sending me a barrage of taunting messages. Then he sent lies about me to people on my friends list. I eventually just deleted my account.”
The unpleasant associations don’t just go back to high school, either.
“There was this guy I knew the second semester of college, and he got way too attached to me- like stalkerish,” said Jeremy Stiltz, CPA. “I thought I’d never have to see him again, then he friend-requested me the other day. Do I need a restraining order?”
Even when users are popular with other members, relationships can become awkward and strained.
“I have 906 friends,” said Mary Kellner, sales representative, “not that I know half of them. They’re almost all customers, so I never want to say no.”
There’s also the emotional impact of people using their profile as their only validation in life.
“I would have broken up with my boyfriend five months earlier,” said Kellner, “but I didn’t want my status to say ‘single’.”

'I thought I was done with those people years ago.'



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