MSNBC Waiting to Contradict
Next Thing Said on Fox News

sbk by Selena B. Kim
Digital News Network
May 12, 2011

Insiders at MSNBC confirmed Friday afternoon that they were waiting "on pins and needles" for Fox News Channel's next story so they have something to contradict.
"It's a slow news day," said Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC anchor, "normally Fox would have said some crazy shit before noon."
Political director Chuck Todd admits that MSNBC's research and reporting has become overly reliant on just nay-saying anything uttered on Fox.
"It started with us fact-checking a media outlet we felt was intentionally misinforming the public," said Todd, "but they lied so much that it became a full-time job."
Producers and news directors at MSNBC soon found they could report the news, with 95% accuracy, simply by saying the opposite of Fox anchors.
"Yeah, we tell the truth sometimes just to fuck with them," said Fox's Shepard Smith, "Rachel Maddow looks like a deer in headlights when she has to agree with us."
Sadly, MSNBC now appears incapable of reporting anything without hearing the Fox version to counter first, as they found Friday.
And why didn't they have anything to counter?
"Oh, our teleprompters went down, so we just talked about which Republican presidents our dogs looked like," said Smith.
Ronald Reagan received the most votes.
That night, Ed Shultz cited voter irregularity.

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