Minutemen Militia Politely Asked
Not to Guard Texas Schools
  by Tex Spurlock
Post Austin Reporter
January 9, 2013


After a recent spate of shootings, schools across the country have welcomed security measures volunteered by off-duty police, fire-fighters and military personnel.
With one exception- the volunteer "Minutemen" border militia.
"They keep turning away our Mexican students," said Michael L. Williams, commissioner of the Texas Education Agency.
"That's not acceptable."
In many of Texas' schools, student populations are often made up of 60% or more of first or second-generation Mexican-Americans.
"The mean man said I couldn't go to class without a green card," said Billy Gonzalez, a third-grader from Davy Crockett Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas.
"But he didn't have a green card, either. And he smelled real bad!"
Williams said he appreciates the Minutemen's presence on school property, many for the first time, but won't stand for their possession of assault weapons or discriminatory attitudes.
"I think we'd rather take our chances with the shooters," said Williams.
"Plus, it's only a matter of time before our students stab one of these idiots."



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