by Dick Daley
Post Chicago Reporter
April 10, 2017


A Shermanwood Heights teen achieved a major feat in bio-electrical engineering last week as he invented a way to power his entire home off of electricity generated by his grandparents and uncle in the basement.
Nineteen-year-old Sam Houston invented the "power pod" to deal with extended family in his house.
"Mom and Dad have been going on more and more business trips since they moved Grandma and Grandpa in, so I'm the only one here for them to complain to," said Houston.
When his unemployed uncle heard both parents would be out of town until Labor Day, he decided to stop by for the unforseeable future.
"Uncle Jim is just here to freeload off Mom and Dad, and that's my job," said Houston.
Houston's power pods not only freed up the house, but also provide enough electricity to take the house off the electric grid.
Some have called the power pod a scientific break-through, while others say Sam is being cruel and unusual to his realatives.
He doesn't think so.
"They're suspended in a REM-inducing stasis field, so they should be dreaming. At least, I think they are," admitted Houston.
He also admits he doesn't know how his parents will react when they do return home, eventually.
"I'm not sure. And they use a lot of electricity, too. We may have to add Aunt Jenny, downstairs."

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