Larry 'the Leisure Suit King' Patiently
Waiting for 'Fat Collar Revolution'
dm by Doug Mayfield
Post Los Angeles
May 8, 2012

Larry "the Leisure Suit King" Swanson, 59, has been waiting over three decades for his investment in 11,000 leisure suits to pay-off.
"All my friends wasted their money investing in apples, windows or bottled water," Swanson said.
"My one buddy fell for 'liquid crystals.' Can you imagine?"
Swanson's confident his monthly warehouse rent was a better investment than stocks or a 401k.
"I call this place Fort Knox," he said, "because it's full of gold."
Swanson said he resisted canibalizing his collection for the 1990s bell-bottom resurgence.
"I wasn't about to lose half my fortune."
He said he's sure the fashion cycle will bring about his retirement fund any day now.
"We're due for a fat collar revolution," Swanson said.
Swanson wanted everyone to know that he and his leisure suit collection are available in the San Fernando Office and Storage Park, unit G7.
Just knock on the garage door three times loudly- Larry lives in a "loft" on the back pallet shelf.

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