Kindle 'Mayday' Tech Advisor Sees Customer
Masterbating Seven Minutes Into Her First Day
  jsby Jim Stanton
Post Los Angeles
November 12, 2013


An Amazon Kindle technical advisor was eager to start her new position Monday morning, until seven minutes later she saw her first customer masterbating.
"Oh my God!" said Donna Martinez, the on-screen tech for the new Kindle Fire HDX tablet.
"Oh, sorry," said the customer who immediately disconnected.
He had conjured her by pushing the Mayday button on his Kindle.
"He was watching Game of Thrones!" Martinez kept repeating hysterically.
An Amazon spokesperson later said they knew this was a possibility.
"We knew our technicians were going to get very candid looks into customers' lives," said spokesperson Henry Ailles. "It's not all going to be pleasant."
Martinez now thinks she may need to look for another job.
By 11 a.m. she was heard yelling at another customer.
"Put some pants on!"

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