Paterno Scraps Plans for Daycare Center
ms by Marge Schultz
Morning Star Gazette
November 16, 2011
The still unfolding Penn State child abuse scandal has forced former head coach Joe Paterno to abandon plans to spend retirement operating a child daycare center.
"JoePa's Gridiron Daycare will not be opening, and I blame it on the media," said Paterno to reporters on his lawn.
Paterno, the most winning coach in the history of college football, said the daycare had been his and his wife Susan's dream ever since he announced his retirement last week.
After subsequent details on the molestation case came out and Paterno was fired for his part in concealing it, Gridiron Daycare enrollees started dropping out.
"I don't see why. We take a firm stance- If any of the kids get moestested, the staff will tell each other about it," said Paterno.
Parents like Walt and Sarah Jennings said they didn't trust JoePa's assurances.
"He said, 'I guarentee Sammy probably won't get raped,'" said Sarah. "Not the best sales pitch."
Paterno's judgement was also questioned for promising the alleged predator himself, Jerry Sandusky, the position of "Playtime Coordinator" at the daycare.
"Jerry loves kids," Paterno said. "And there wouldn't even be a shower room."
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