An Open Letter From Derek Jeter to the People of New York
Jones Online University
by Derek Jeter
former short stop, New York Yankees
September 29, 2014


To my fans in the Big Apple, I have two words for you: 
You're Welcome. 
You're welcome for all of the hits, RBIs, wins and World Series I've given you over the past two decades. 
You're welcome for the classy veneer I've given this ball club - and by extension, this city - while winning us into the playoffs every year.
You're welcome for having my chiseled jaw and piercing green eyes to slap on all of your ads and T-shirts.
Let's face it-
I wasn't just some flash on the pan like Mattingly or DiMaggio.
Even after the tens of millions this team has paid me, you still owe me. 
Every last one of you.
So if you see me in a store or restaurant, don't ask for my autograph or to take a selfish with me.
Try asking what you can do for me.
And make sure when they erect my statue that it's like really, really big.
Peace out.
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