Integrated Tech Blames
Blaze on Army of Truth


We Call 'Bullshit'



A Cacophony of Chaos (part 6)

  by Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter

January 9, 2010
  by The Army of Truth
Corporate Sabotuers

January 10, 2010
  by Chrone Osphere
Temporal Correspondent

Integrated Technologies, defense contractor and Post sister-company, blamed corporate sabotuers The Army of Truth for a weekend fire at their headquarters in Hapsburg, Virginia.
"There's no way this could have been incompetence, reckless experimentation or anything else that would invalidate our insurance policy," Integrated Tech spokesperson Anne Weltlich told press, stockholders and insurers Monday.
The Army of Truth, a group of disgruntled employees, first began sabotaging the Morning After Post and then spread throughout other IJI subsidiaries.
While the FBI is still investigating competitors like Lockheed Martin and terrorist groups like al-Qeada, I.T. dismisses the possibility that an

  outside force could breach their security.
"This fire was definitely an inside job, and definitely intentional," said White.
The fire drew national attention because the I.T. facility was the construction site of Time Ship 1, the world's first* time machine, used in the Post's Temporal News Program.
I.T. wants to reassure the public that the time-travel research was never compromised.
"No one can build another time machine," said White. "The components are seperated and secured in multiple locations. Some are guarded by P.F. Jones himself."
IJI is pressuring the FBI to solve their Army of Truth problem.
"These criminals need to be stopped," said White.

  Um... NO.
Hows about HELL NO.
It's true that we at the Army of Truth have sabotaged IJI propaganda, events and websites, however,
While we didn't steal research or start any fires, we did breach I.T.'s security (it was frighteningly easy for a defense contractor) and found this alternate shot from their own security camera. (above)
Int TechAs you can see, Chrone Osphere, IJI's nutty time traveler, was clearly paying them a visit.
That is, unless I.T. has more than one time machine.
Have fun explaining this one, Jones!

Time Ship 1On an otherwise peaceful morning in 2010, a seemingly spontaneous firestorm tore out of the Virginia sky and rained Hell on the east wing of Integrated Tech.
The force of a hydrogen explosion propelled pieces of the Hindenberg's steel skeleton at the four-story walls, indifferent to IT security systems.
I held the temporal bubble from the blast's fiery wake until we were all flying through the east wings wall.
"Alright, connect to the computer and set the core to over-"
My eyes scanned through the smoke and fire for the...
read this whole epic battle!

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