President Obama Promotes iPad,
Job Creation in State of the Union

Is P.F. Jones?  

by Henry Ubanks
Post Washington Reporter
January 27, 2010

A noticibly uneasy joint session of Congress, and all of America, watched as President Barack Obama spent the majority of his first State of the Union address talking about Apple's new iPad.
"It surfs the web, plays movies, and runs all iPhone apps!" repeated an elated Obama. "This is definitely the most intersting thing to happen lately."
Steves Jobs beamed with pride from the the visitors box as President Obama continued highlighting the product's features.
"It's also is a great e-reader," said Obama, "Michelle, you can send back that Kindle you gave me for Christmas."
"There's no USB port," said Vice President Joe Biden under his breath.
"Pipe down, Joe," muttered President Obama.
"It doesn't even run Flash!" yelped back Biden. "I mean- what is with that?"
"What did I say before we came out here?" asked the president with a stern look.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi cleared her throat to remind them that two houses of Congress and the Supreme Court bench were staring at them.
President Obama realized there were some issues yet to be covered.
"Oh, and we need to create some jobs, nurture innovation and finish this health-care thing."
President Obama collected himself and prepared to wrap up.
"God bless you all, and if you need to pass sweeping reform in your own banking sector, don't worry," Obama looked hesitantly at Jobs, "there's an app for that."



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