Clinton Foundation Revealed
to Be Front for Hydra
  edby Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
May 29, 2015


The Clinton Foundation is really a money laundering and raising front for the terrorist organization Hydra, the Drudge Report and Fox News revealed Monday.
"Hilary Clinton's seized emails leave a paper-trail back to Hydra leaders," Megayn Kelley said on air. "She's funding terrorists, plain and simple."
"And they were started by Nazis, let's not forget," Anne Coulture responded. "So Bill Clinton's not just a sex-fiend traitor, he's a big-fat neo-Nazi."
The situation wasn't really fleshed out until Rush Limbaugh pontificated on it for a few hours.
"I mean, how many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents' lives have been lost because of Hilary Clinton?" Limbaugh asked. "And she still wants to be president?"
S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury even came out of hiding to comment on the situation.
"What? The Marvel shit? That's not real life," Fury surreptitiously told a reporter for
"My name is Sam Jackson, not Nic- you know what, you're an idiot. Get out of my way. I'm just trying to get gas."



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