Fuck with me, and you fuck with the whole trailer park.

Charles in Charge the complete series on DVD is not worth debasing yourself on camera

Looking for someone to give all this money to. Just send me your account number and PIN.

FOR SALE: personal dignity, $7.25/hr. w/o benefits o.b.o.

Suck a dick. It's good for ya.

SWF looking for an overweight, pimple-faced, effeminate gamer who farts a lot. Just kidding- hit the gym.

No more clowns. Please.

WANTED: submissive girl that can take a punch.

WANTED: abusive drinker with a temper.

That's a whole lotta pudding.

TRADE: three barstools and a set of 1989 Donruss baseball cards for a half & half with full release

Those are just facts, and facts are just opinions, and opinions can be wrong. Confidence is always right.


Is P.F. Jones?
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