Bear Grylls Dead!
(after successfully tying own intestines into rope bridge)
  dfby Philip Waters
September 14, 2012


Survivalist and TV personality Bear Grylls has died after tying his own intestines into a rope bridge in Brazil.
The fatal McGuyver moment occured when Grylls sought to combine an abdomen wound with his need to cross a river on his latest self-financed documentary, "South American River Trek."
"The world has lost its greatest adventurer," said David Zaslav, president and CEO of the Discovery Communications, "and it was an impressive rope brige."
Despite Discovery firing Grylls ealier this year, they have been running "Man vs. Wild" and "Worst Case Scenario" marathons since his death was confirmed.
While many agree Grylls' death was tragic, some are having a hard time with the way it's being celebrated.
"He died because he was an idiot," said a producer who asked not to be named. "He was just trying to one-up Les Stroud."
Stroud, who's "Survivorman" series on Discovery was largely considered a "Man vs. Wild" replacement, seems to agree.
"Bear could have demonstrated those knots on the two spools of rope he had, too," said Stroud.


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