Kids Pretty Sure Grandpa's
Cryptic Lingo Is Just Racist
  by Dick Daley
Post Chicago Reporter
January 8, 2014


After spending the holidays at their grandparents' house, two children have come to the conclusion that their grandfather is racist.
"We always thought Grandpa just had his own words for stuff," said Mitch Orlando, 11.
Mitch and his sister Paige, 9, had always been amused by the unfamiliar language of their grandfather, Walter McCannister, 58, until they decided to investigate.
"I asked Siri what a jigaboo was, and was horrified by the answer," said Paige. "I don't want that in my phone."
Mitch isn't sure he can look at his grandfather the same way ever again.
"He used to show me magic tricks. Now he tries to tell me the difference between a yid and a heeb."
Both children admit to previously enjoying their grandfather's punchy, sometimes musical terminology, until they knew its hateful origins.
"Nips, spooks and sambos sounded funny," said Mitch, "until I knew what they meant. I mean, now... old people suck."
Paige said she was ready to go by New Years.
"Grandpa kept saying the country was going to the slopes and wetbacks. And the hajis, whoever they are."
When contacted for comment, McCannister refused to speak to the "Jew-run, lamestream media."more


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