Google+ Creators Consider Starting a Facebook Page

dm by Doug Mayfield
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November 15, 2011

Months after after deciding to take on Facebook, the web's biggest social network, Google is still floundering with its Google+.
"Maybe we should start a Facebook page," suggested Larry Page, Google CEO, at his senior staff meeting Thursday, "you know- to get the word out."
Google+ launched in June with hopes of making Facebook look like MySpace, a few years after Facebook made MySpace look like Friendster.
Sadly for Google, however, Google+ has yet to enroll as many members as MySpace, much less Facebook.
They're even losing to Friendster, which is now an online gaming community.
"We could start a Facebook group for Google+, and sign-up all our friends," suggested Eric Schmidt, board chairman.
Some at Google are wondering if the situation is hopeless.
"More people connect through Google Maps," admitted Schmidt.


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