Swine Flu
Accused of

by Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
October 20, 2009

One in twenty heterosexual people given the H1N1 vaccination will become homosexual, Fox News Channel reported Monday.
The story apparently began early Monday morning when a blogger on Townhall.com made the initial claim.
"The swine flu vaccine unlocks the gay gene in 5% of those who receive it. It's totally true. I read it in the New York Times, so you've got to believe me." wrote SliChip38.
In an effort to kill five minutes, Gretchen Carlson, co-host of FNC's morning program, "FOX & Friends," reported the blog on the air without researching the claim.
"So the swine flu vaccine can turn you gay. I think that's the liberals answer to population control."
Around 10 a.m. The Drudge Report ran the story of a conservative man who claimed he turned gay after his flu shot.
"I've spent the week craving cock," said Harold Welkshire, life-long Republican, "and it's all Obama's fault."
Rush Limbaugh spent the morning detailing the Obama administration's conspiracy to increase it's voting base.
"If all of these people are bamboozled into becoming flaming butt-pirates, this regime will have succeeded in thumbing the scales enough until real Americans are outnumbered and Chancellor Obama can stay in power forever."
By noon The New York Time had flatly rebuked the rumor's attribution, and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell commented on the story.
"Today the conservative echo-chamber is trying to push the most absurd lie I've ever heard in my career," said Mitchell.
Fox News updated it's reporting.
"This story's so hot that even MSNBC and The New York Times are talking about it," said FNC's Shepard Smith.
That night Glenn Beck made an on-air challenge to President Obama.
"Do you have the decency to admit when you're doing something wrong? Stop homo-fying our children!" Beck demanded before bursting into tears.
Tuesday morning, while attempting to honor Vietnam Veterans in the Rose Garden, President Obama was pressed to respond.
"Do I really have to resond to that? Seriously?"
Many people say that was the moment, with expectant reporters and the world looking on, that the last glimmer of hope in Barack Obama's eyes died.

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