Flint, Michigan
Files Restraining
Order Against
Michael Moore
by Axel Williams
Post Detroit Reporter
May 16, 2009
Is P.F. Jones?

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled Wednesday to grant the municipality of Flint a restraining order against former resident and documentarian Michael Moore.
"Stop depressing us!" protestors shouted outside the courthouse.
"I grant the motion on the grounds of repeated mental cruelty," said Judge Albert Wexler in his verdict.
Residents of Flint, the filmmaker's hometown, are tired of it being depicted as the rustbelt shantytown Moore portrays it as in every movie.
"He keeps showing my old boarded-up house," said Wally Booker, who graduated from high school with Moore.
"For Sicko he filmed me getting stitches without amnesia- the prick."
Other Flint residents have had similar experiences with Moore.
"I called Mike when I got laid off from the Ford plant, and he didn't seem to give a shit," said Ryan Dickerson.
"Then I lost my two front teeth in a fight. He must have heard, 'cause now he won't stop calling me. Asshole."
"Guys like Wally and Ryan used to steal my bike and trip me in front of girls," said Moore of his relationship to Flint. "Who's getting the last laugh now?"
"If I see him on the street, I'm going to kick his ass," said Dickerson.
Residents are particularly worried about how they would be portrayed in a possible documentary about the credit crisis and auto bail-out.
"He'd probably torch downtown Flint, just for the footage," said Booker.

'He keeps
showing my
old boarded-up
house- the prick'
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