I Did NOT Start the Break Room Fire!
Some People Refuse to Take Responsibility


cbby Conner Banks
Post Manhattan Reporter
January 14, 2013

by Cindy Stopher
Post Manhattan Reporter
January 14, 2013


This is bullshit!
I did NOT start a fire in the break room.
Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking LIAR!
I don't even like microwave popcorn.
(The fake-butter smell is reprehensible.)
But even if I did, I would know enough not to put a bag of it in the fucking TOASTER OVEN!
There's only one idiot in our newsroom capable of such a brain-fart.
I'm talking to you, CINDY STOPHER!
This self-appointed "reporter" has no thought for the consequences of her actions.
If anyone should get suspended, it's her.
In fact, why don't you just fire her!
She doesn't contribute anything, and she nearly burned down Jones Tower!
Al-queda couldn't do that!
Seriously, what does it take to fire someone?
She is not that hot!
What the fuck is wrong with you guys?
Suspend me.
I'm gonna go take a shit in the kitchenette I supposedly just burned down.


Believe it or not, even in 2013, there are still grown adults that refuse to take personal responsibility for their actions.
blah blah blah

NTS- finish B4 drinks w Tina.

how could someone be so thoughtless...
endangered 1000s of lives in Jones Tower...
more blah blah
make-up story about fam member lost in fire?

blame the saboteurs? no, stick w Conner
say you've seen C eating popcorn, all the time

NTS- buy more popcorn

another Conner slam. say it's why his wife left him

If people aren't willing to own their own behavior, how can we advance as a society?

NTS- see if Tina found my diaphram

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