Your Termination Had Nothing
to Do with Racial Discrimination

You Just Replaced Me with
Your 14th Filipino Woman

by Chip Foxx
Host of DNN's "Foxx & Hound"
December 15, 2013


by Harris Washington
DNN Associate Producer
December 15, 2013


So here we go again.
I thought we were past this type of thing in 2013, but apparently some people still feel they need to play the race card.
Let me make this clear to everyone, including Harris Washington, and all the little Harris Washingtons of the world who think extortion makes for the best severence package:
Washington was terminated for incompetence, not because he's African American.
I don't care what he claims in his lawsuit.
I'm tring to run a show here.
I don't have time to coddle people who don't want to do their jobs.
I've replace Washington with a talented young lady who's already showing more promise than he ever did.
And calling me a racist is absurd- we've got one of the most ethnically diverse staffs in all of television.
This boils down to one associate producer who couldn't hack it in the big leagues.
Now he's threatening to embarrass me if I don't pay his hush money.
Sorry, Harris, but I'm too smart to fall for that, and so are my fans.


I never said you fired me for being a black man.
We all know, under the right circumstances, you get along fine with black people.
But the reason you fired me was racial and it was discrimination, not to mention sexist.
I was fired for not being a woman of Filipino descent.
Chip Foxx replaced me with his 14th Filipino woman.
The entire staff of "Foxx & Hound" is now Filipino women, most of whom have no idea what they're doing in a television studio.
Only three of them speak English.
I couldn't understand what any of them ever said to me, or vice versa.
My last two months there I served as showrunner, writer, booker, segment producer, grip and lighting tech.
I did everything but the makeup.
Iska did a lovely job with the makeup.
My termination was wrong and Foxx will pay.
But I've got to wonder- with the professional staff gone, what kind of show does Foxx think he and his Filipino harem are going to put on?
By the way, several of the women seem to think they're Mrs. Foxx.
Have fun with that, Chip.
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