Man Without Netflix Attempting to Fake His Way
Through "Arrested Development" Conversation
  kimby Charles Kim
Post Los Angeles Reporter
June 7, 2013


A Post employee attempted to fake his way through a conversation about the new season of resurrected series "Arrested Development," despite his inability to watch it without Netflix.
"At first I didn't suspect anything. Gary seemed to be keeping up with everyone else," said Trisha Davis, copy editor.
Gary Walsh, an outside sales representative, succeeded in fooling coworkers by stating "how hilarious George's legal thing was" but then got cocky.
"Tobias and Lindsey are so crazy together," said Walsh, raising eyebrows.
He further tipped his hand when Gob's bees came up.
"Those things came outa nowhere!"
Most in the group silently exchanged glances before walking away.
"I don't get it- why doesn't he just spend the eight bucks a month?" pondered reporter Jim Stanton.
"Arrested Development" ran for three seasons on Fox befor being cancelled in 2006. It's fourth season premiered exclusively on Netflix in May, allowing instant access to all 13 episodes at once.
"I can't wait for next week's episode to come out," said Walsh to disillusioned coworkers.



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