Justice Department Approves Drone Assassinations of 'Those People'

  sdby Shell Davis
Post Washington Reporter
February 11, 2013


Assassinations by unmanned drones have been appoved for "those people," documents released by the White House revealed Monday.
"Those people are up to no good and have it coming," a memo from the Department of Justice read.
Such "undisireables" that are "over there" are outside the realm of American due process, the memo concluded.
John O. Brennan confirmed this policy during his CIA confirmation hearing.
"Fringe elements, who get up to these shennanigans, are subject to drone strikes," said Brennan.
The administration said these rules of engagement may apply to American citizens as well.
"Certain types of our folk who want to run off and join you-know-who, well, then they can be drone-struck, too," said Brennan.
Human rights and legal rights advocates object to this line of reasoning, particularly when Brennan clarified.
"Just to be clear, we're talking about brown people."



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