gcby Gina Churchill
Post Atlanta Reporter
January 30, 2016


A second glance over your shoulder last night confirmed that that the drone the Hendersons gave their twins for Christmas was definitely watching you have sex.
You could see the drone hovering outside the window, it's camera pointed at the back of your husband's unwitting head.
It's unclear who was spying on you in Ralph's favorite position.
The natural suspects would be the twins themselve, Ronnie and Dylan, 9.
It's also quite possible, however, that the aircraft was commandeered by their older brother, Aiden, 15.
He has repeatedly leered at you while you were carrying in the groceries.
This incidenct now lends creedence to your belief that the drone was watching you shower last week.
Hopefully there's no video.
It still could be worse.
At least it wasn't Ralph's birthday.
Anyhow, you should probably head next door after work tonight to have an awkward talk with Sam and Barbara.
Hopefully they weren't at the yolk.


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