Trail of
'Fast 8'
  dmby Doug Mayfield
Post Los Angeles
February 15, 2013


Former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner's killing spree took four lives and left us with countless questions, as well as a promising screenplay for "Fast & Furious 8."
"We found it beside his manifesto, along with several spec scripts for Hawaii Five-0 and 2 Broke Girls," said L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck after Dorner's death.
The script for "Fast Ocho," as it's being called, demonstrates Dorner not only had a grasp of the characters, but understood the direction Fasts 6 and 7 were going too.
"Dorner was a disturbed individual, no doubt about it," said Jason Carves, co-president of Original Films, "but he really got O'Conner and Toretto's dynamic."
Carves said Dorner's knowledge of law enforcement and his detachment from reality made him an ideal screenwriter.
"If he'd submitted this script earlier, he might have had a lucrative career in Hollywood and saved a lot of lives."
Dorner apparently had aspirations to act in the film, as well.
"He wrote himself in as (Dwayne Johnson)'s ex-partner," said Carves. "It wouldn't have worked- they look too much alike."
Original Films and United Aritists International said they're moving forward with "Fast Ocho," and may even produce it before 7 to cash in on "Dorner's momentum."
"When someone's got some buzz, you don't waste it," said Carves.



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