Check & Mate
Murdoch thought the Dow Jones bidding
war ended four years ago. He was wrong.

by Jennifer Cox
Post Manhattan Reporter
July 19, 2011
P.F. Jones, owner of IJI and The Morning After Post, believes in the age-old addage "revenge is a dish best served cold."
Just ask Rupert Murdoch.
(or the president or Eliot Spitzer, for that matter)
Murdoch's News Corporation has fallen under international condemnation from growing evidence of illegal hacking and political extortion.
"That cheeky bugger Jones is framing me!" Murdoch insisted as British authorities arrested him trying to board a private jet at Heathrow Airport.
"Check & Mate," read the headline of Jones' British tabloid The London Lookie-Loo in reference to its competitor, Murdoch's News of the World, permenantly closing its doors amid scandal.
Many speculate this is only the beginning of News Corp.'s troubles.
"Surely Murdoch must have seen this coming," said DNN pundit Chip Foxx. "Mr. Jones is a great man, but he's nothing if not vendictive."
Four years ago, Jones and Murdoch engaged in a heated bidding war over the The Dow Jones and its Wall Street Journal.
Murdoch won.
Jones plotted.
Now, hacked calls and computers are leading back to News Corp. equipment.
Politicians and celebrities are coming forward with tales of News Corp. death threats.
"I would get untraceable calls in the middle of the night threatening my family, even the Royal Family," confessed a teary-eyed former Prime Minister Tony Blair. "That's why I backed Bush in Iraq."
"That wasn't my people! I swear!" Murdoch claimed.
The FBI, now investigating American News Corp. holdings and behavior, are dismissing the Jones accusation.
"I doubt a person would spend millions on corporate spies and equipment just to get revenge." said FBI Agent Chuck Tisdale.
Murdoch, his son James Murdoch, and top lieutenants face falling stock prices and possible time in prison, though on what continent it's not clear.
News Corp. is shuttering up or selling off dozens of divisions.
Jones put in a bid to buy The Dow Jones- at half what he offered in 2007.
"I guess the lesson is not to piss off a billionaire with an attitude," said Foxx.
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