Post Detroit Bureau Relocating
to More Efficient Facility

our old home, One Detroit Center


  sjby Samantha Jordan
Post Detroit Reporter
March 12, 2013


Dear Detroit Area Readers,
The Morning After Post, like the rest of news media, is an ever-evolving entity.
To that end, your local Post bureau has left its former home in the top eight floors of One Detroit Center in the Financial District for a smaller, more efficient operation.
We're now located in the former KFC franchise on 7500 Grand Parkway (Grand Blanc Rd. at US 23), in Grand Blanc, just a short 45-minute commute from my downtown apartment.
Our new facility will allow us to cut costs and focus on what's really important- reporting the news.
Apparently we never needed two floors of printing presses.
We're just going to use the copy center two freeway exits away.
So "stop the press!" will now be "call the Kinko's!" or whatever it is these days.
Don't worry, readers- I'm sure we can keep our finger on the pulse of Detroit from another county.
Besides, this will give us a chance to check out the Flint night life.
We just need the local police to stop teens from spray-painting the building.
And our cars.
It's not like we're still paying for them and have a $500 deductible.
Oh, wait- yes, I do.
Our acting editor says that since people keep pulling into the drive-thru, we're going to start selling them coffee, sandwiches and the morning edition.
He wants me to pick up ham and plastic gloves for tomorrow.
Maybe after I send out my resumé.




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