Vice President Biden Ruins
White House Costume Ball

r by Henry Ubanks
Post Washington Reporter
October 23, 2011
President Barack Obama's attempted "First Annual Costume Ball" ended abruptly Saturday night after Vice President Joe Biden's inappropriate "Japanese Tsunami" outfit cleared the room.
"What? Too soon?" asked Vice President Biden to people leaving theWhite House's East Ballroom.
President Obama, who had assumed his "Jigsaw" costume from the "Saw" movie franchise would be the night's biggest controversy, was at a loss for words.
"That's Joe for you," said the president. "Someone want to get the Japanese ambassador on the phone for me? He just left? Great."
The vice president, for his part, didn't seem to get the political incorrectness oh his faux pas.
"Barack said to do something biting and relevant." Biden insisted.
"I meant be a character from 'Twilight' or 'Jersey Shore'," said Obama.
"I thought it was quite tasteless," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his "mutilated Gadhafi" costume.
House Speaker John Boehner wasted no time in convening a press conference to condemn the Ball, though he seemed to misunderstand most attendees' outrage.
"I couldn't believe the racism! The president appeared in white-face!"

'I couldn't believe
... the president
appeared in

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