Small Group of Severely-Crazy Fucks Tries to Convince Large Group of Mildly-Crazy Fucks That Handheld Killing Machines Are Safe in the Hands of Crazy Fucks


  cbby Conner Sweetbabyjesus
Post Manhattan Reporter
September 19, 2013


It was fucking crazy this week as severely-crazy fucks kept trying to convince mildly-crazy fucks that they should keep handheld killing machines legal for all the crazy fucks who want to carry them.
“Handheld killing machines don’t kill crazy fucks,” shouted one severely-crazy fuck, “crazy fucks with killing machines kill crazy fucks.”
“But couldn’t crazy fucks kill less crazy fucks,” responded a slightly-less-crazy fuck, “if they didn’t have handheld killing machines to kill crazy fucks?”
This crazy-old fucking argument came in the wake of yet another extremely-crazy fuck using handheld killing machines to kill a bunch of mildly-crazy fucks.
“Why can’t we stop these crazy fucks?” said the slightly-crazy fuck.
The severely-crazy fuck immediately got defensive.
 “It’s my imaginary-friend given, state-enforced right to carry a killing machine!” insisted the severely-crazy fuck.
Surprisingly, a majority of mildly-crazy fucks in America are sympathetic to the severely-crazy fuck’s argument, and tolerate crazy fucks easily killing other crazy fucks with handheld killing machines every day, while banning other products and practices that kill thousands-fewer crazy fucks each year.
“If more crazy fucks carried killing machines, crazy fucks would be a lot safer,” said the severely-crazy fuck before storming off.
The slightly-less-crazy fuck could only mutter his rebuttal to himself.
“But aren’t we all crazy fucks sometimes?”


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