I'm Gonna
Take You Out
to Cracker
Just As Soon
As I Make
Another $8.50
  by Bubba Johnson
Post Biloxi Contributor
March 25, 2013


My Dearest Verna,
I've commendered these colomn inches from the paper to publicly proclaim my undying love for you, as well as apologize for my behavior this weekend.
Without you, I wouldn't have any reason get up in the morning.
To show how much you mean to me, I'm gonna take you out for a night on the town.
I just need to scrape together a few more bucks before I can do it.
Between my payments on Betsy (RIP) and the new truck, I'm pretty strapped for cash 'til payday.
But I do have a ten-dollar gift card for Cracker Barrel.
I know that's your favorite.
I've also got a pre-paid Visa from Walmart with about $6.50 left on it.
If I can get eight or nine more bucks, we should have enough for a meal.
(just remember to get water with a lemon, like you like to)
If I get ten bucks I might even leave a tip myself.
Then we can go for a walk on the beach and I'll rub your sandy feet.
I might even kiss your starfish, if you know what I mean.
I just hope you'll forgive me for that compromising position you found me in.
Just know that I was thinking about you.
Your sister's facebook profile being up was a complete coincidence.
I swear.
So get ready for the most romantic night of your life, Sweet Pea.
Yours Truly,



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