TEA Party Appoints Half Black, Half Latino, Colorblind Lesbian with Tourette's as Spokesperson
by Sarah Quigney
Post Topeka Reporter
July 25, 2010

In a surprise move Friday, the "TEA Party" movement elected Cherise Marcon, a mixed-race, colorblind lesbian with Tourette syndrome, as its spokesperson.
"They said they'd pay Cherise more than the DMV, cock-smoking puntas," said Marcon, who lives with her Puerto Rican mother in Queens.
The TEA Party movement, which inexplicibly believes in debt-reduction through tax cuts, was recently condemned by the NAACP for racist elements at their rallies.
"Would racists do this?" asked Mark Williams, radio host and Tea Party Express leader, in reference to Marcon, who's still working on her talking points.
"We've been taxed enough everready, ya cunts," said Marcon.
Marcon denies that there's racism in the TEA Party or that she's being used.
"Cherise is no racist, ya cracker shits," said Marcon.
"Cherise is colorblind, I see no color. Y'all are the racists- picking on poor Cherise."
Marcon has refused to produce proof that she is colorblind or has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.
"Are you asking me for my papers, ya Nazi dickhole?" she responded to Chris Matthews' request.
Marcon is expected to represent the TEA Party on TV, particularly FOX and MSNBC, but hasn't been scheduled at any rallies.
Pundits both right and left are unsure as to how this appointment will spin race relations in politics and the media.
"Even I was surprised," said RNC Chairman Michael Steele.
Clarance Thomas, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin were unavailable for comment.
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