Rx Drugs
No Longer
Full of HIV,
by Shell Davis
White House Correspondent
October 5, 2006
Is P.F. Jones?


The Department of Homeland Security will no longer block Americans from purchasing prescription drugs from Canada via the internet.
The announcement was made in an e-mail to congressional staff Tuesday, Florida Senator Bill Nelson said.
“This will keep corporate blood-suckers and their lapdogs, like my opponent Katherine Harris, from making your grandparents choose between running water and their pills.”
This is a reverse to the federal policy that had been in effect since November 2005.
“This has nothing to do with the Bush Administration’s ties to the American pharmaceutical industry,” press secretary Tony Snow said in a July press conference. “This is about protecting American citizens from inferior medical products, internet scams, even bioterrorism.”
“Futhermore,” Snow continued, “we have intelligence that rogue Canadian militants have been filling capsules with HIV, anthrax, gonorrhea, roofies and stinkbombs.”
When asked to update the White House’s position on Canadian drugs Wednesday, Snow said, “there doesn’t appear to be a high plague risk in the current Canadian exports.”
The new plan will return authority back to the FDA and limit Canadian prescription drug imports to small personal amounts, like a three-month supply.
Snow defended the remaining limits in place.
“Clearly, anyone importing four months or more is starting a meth lab,” said Snow.

'Clearly, anyone importing four months or more is starting a meth lab'


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Shell Davis
Army of Truth

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