Ay- Buzz This!
by Vinnie Giovani
Post Manhattan Contributor
April 28, 2009
Is P.F. Jones?

Ay- White House!
What the fuck do you think you're doing?
What on Earth would make you think it's okay to buzz Manhattan with a Boeing 74fucking7?
With all the shit we've been through, you're going to circle our remaining skyscrapers with a jumbo jet? Really?
My sister Debbie called me crying her head off.
She was trying to carry my great-aunt Sophie and her oxygen tank down the stairwell of her building to the street.
You owe Debbie and Aunt Sophie an apology.
And hey- way to track the jumbo jet with a fighter jet.
That didn't at all look like the military getting ready to shoot down a terrorist-flown suicide missle-jet, so pieces of exploding plane could fall on all of our heads.
It's not everyday that your government makes you worry that the sky is falling.
I expect more out of this administration.
Don't get me wrong- I like President Obama.
I voted for him, mostly because of our similar views on unions and community organizing.
I even canvased for him.
I told everyone, "it's time we give this Chicago milado a chance- get the word out."
It's possible that he won New York State because of my work in White Harlem.
But I cannot condone some of these idiots on Obama's staff.
Firing that moron Louis Caldera, the head of the Military Office, wasn't nearly enough.
He needs to be waterboarded.
He needs to have his balls put in a garage clamp.
Don't get me wrong- he could live a long and prosperous life.
Or he could wake up in the middle of the night with the barrel of a shotgun in his mouth.
I'm just saying-
It wouldn't hurt to call Debbie and Aunt Sophie to apologize.

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