George W. Bush Opens Presidential Library on Land Clearly Owned by Al Gore
  dfby Philip Waters
April 25, 2013


Former Vice President Al Gore returned from vacation to find expatriot President George W. Bush opening a library on his estate outside of Nashville Thursday.
"What the fuck!" Gore yelled upon seeing the dedication ceremony in his back yard.
Gore claimed that he was lured away to Norway under the false promise of another Nobel Peace Prize.
"When I got to Oslo they just stared at me," said Gore.
Bush insisted his staff told him he had the permits to complete the project.
"What- this is as good a place as any to build a library," said Bush.
Gore was irate, but received little assistance in clearing attendees off his land.
"They built it right on top of my new pool house- where's the dam pool?!"
Bush retreated to Renegade One, formerly Air Force One, which he stole in 2009 to dodge possible war crime charges.
Gore was beating a bust of W. with a shovel when authorities arrived.


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