Bush to Send Boy Scout
Troops to Baghdad

Is P.F. Jones? s by Shell Davis
White House Correspondent
October 30, 2006

The White House announced Monday that it will be deploying troops from the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America to quell civil unrest in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.
“These troops knew they were signing up to serve their country when they joined the scouts,” Press Secretary Tony Snow said at a Monday morning press conference.
Snow said the president made this move in response to from Republican Senator John McCain’s call for 20,000 more troops.
“I really don’t think they got what I was saying,” McCain said in response.
“We didn’t get into this all willy-nilly,” President Bush said during a televised address from the Oval Office Monday night. “We’re only sending scouts with their Rifling merit badges to the front lines.”
Bush said the rest of the scouts would be used for “logistics and, well, maybe a little counter-intelligence.”
On the home front, scouts are preparing to ship out to Iraq.
“They say I’m going to be in charge of my own unit,” said Eagle Scout Harold Waldman, 17, from BSA Troop 90 of Timberlake, Ohio.
The president says he’ll wait to see if the scout troops are “ready enough” for peacekeeping in Lebanon and Korea.


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