'Doomsday Preppers,' 'Hoarders' Crews Fight Over Lunatic in Bunker
r by Henry Ubanks
Post Washington Reporter
April 23, 2012

A scuffle broke out Sunday in Virginia when crews from A&E's 'Hoarders' and National Geographic Channel's 'Doomsday Preppers' simultaneously converged on the same reclusive old man.
"We were here first!" screamed 'Hoarders' producer Shane Wilson before reportedly throwing the first punch at 'Preppers' segment producer Alex Prufer.
"No you weren't!" said Prufer, shoving back.
Both crews' producers and production assistants fought for the next seven minutes.
The cameramen just shot the action.
The conflict ended when Jerry Acorn, 67, opened the bunker door and fired a shotgun into the air.
"Quit yer pussyfootin'!" he yelled.
"That bunker is cramped with every issue of Guns n' Ammo, Soldier of Fortune and every other survival magazine ever printed," argued Wilson. "He's hoarding bullets and cans of beans and medical supplies."
"Exactly!" said Prufer.
Wilson's aggression was the result of multiple run-ins with competing reality-TV crews, according to A&E cameraman Nate Jefferies.
"Last week we were intervening with a hoarder, trying to convice her that her house was filled with junk. Then the guys from 'American Pickers' came in and started giving her money for it," said Jefferies. "We just left."
Acorn eventually chose to let the 'Preppers' crew into the bunker, mostly because they paid more.
Wilson is said to be reconsidering his occupation.



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