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Libertarian 'Bubble Girl' Objects to Her Own Medical Coverage
by Sarah Quigney
Post Topeka Reporter
October 24, 2010

A nine-year-old Colorado girl confined to an "oxygen bubble" announced Tuesday that she objects to any government intervention keeping her alive.
"I'm a Libertarian!" said Samantha Denning from her metal and plastic cell. "I don't believe in living off the government dole."
Her parents, Ryan and Stacy Denning, don't agree.
"We don't know where she gets this shit," said Ryan, an unemployed construction worker.
"I think she's been listening to her asshole uncle," said Stacy, a part-time server, of her conservative brother, Jake.
Uncle Jake was unavailable for comment, as he was at a TEA Party, but Samantha was ready to field any questions about the Libertarian approach to health-care.
"I don't want no Obamacare," she said, despite the provision about children's pre-existing conditions having saved her life.
Samantha also objects to Medicare and Social Security, or the "evil pyramid schemes bankrupting America," despite her parents using both to supplement her treatment.
She does, however, plan to keep accepting care provided by government intervention until her policies are enacted into law.
"Excuse me- I thought this was America," said Samantha, "I'm entitled to the same as everyone else."
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