Cable News Correspondents
Arrested in D.C. Streetfight

Olbermann Charged with Manslaughter

by Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
April 29, 2009
This is the last shot Fox cameraman Felix Ramerez ever took in his life.

President Obama's 100th Day Press Conference was marred by a violent brawl of cable news teams that resulted in 17 arrests and one death.
"It started with a fight over a camera position, I think," said Shirley Reese, a producer for NPR. "MSNBC and Fox both called 'dibbs' on the same spot."
Multiple witnesses say Chris Matthews threw the first punch.
"Chris had been drinking," admitted colleague Rachel Maddow. "Sean Hannity got in his face, and that was it. You have no idea how hard it is to not hit Hannity in the face when he's in front of you."
Punches and shoves flew freely, and soon teams from Fox, CNN, DNN and MSNBC were consumed in the fight.
"Once Hannity was down, Chip Foxx and Bill O'Reilly ganged up on Matthews," said Maddow.
The CNN news team claimed not to be involved, but that has been disputed by all other participants.
"Wolf Blitzer tried to act like he was above the fighting, reporting on it from the sideline," said weeping former coworker Glenn Beck. "But the tape will clearly show him kicking Hannity back into the middle of it all."
The violence continued unitl the death of Fox News cameraman Felix Ramerez.
"Bill-O sucker-punched Olbermann in the back of the head," said Reese. "He turned around and looked like he was going to kill O'Reilly."
"O'Reilly pushed his own cameraman in front of Keith, and he just snapped the guy's neck," said Maddow. "Everyone just stopped after that."
Olbermann was arrested and charged with manslaughter by D.C. police.
"We would have gone for second-degree murder," said D.C. police sergeant Rob O'Donnell, "but (the victim) only worked for Fox."
Sixteen other reporters, cameramen and producers were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.
The only other charge was on Lou Dobbs, who was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
"The guy actually brought brass knuckles," said O'Donnell. "Can you believe it? Brass knuckles. That's old school."

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