Tea Party Reminds House Speaker Boehner
Not to Compromise on Gov Shutdown
  edby Ezra Dulles
Post Washington Reporter
October 12, 2013


Speaker of the U.S. House of Congress John Boehner awoke this morning to a not-so-subtle reminder, most likely from Tea Party extremists, not to end the federal government shutdown until any and all conservative demands are met.

"Bella! No!" screamed Speaker Boehner at his home in West Chester, Ohio.

The head of his prize horse lay aside him in bed, along with a note that read "NO COMPROMISING" taped to the television.

Boehner had made the mistake of going to the White House the day before to possibly negotiate an end to the shutdown.

The shutdown happened after House Republicans refused to pass a budget, or even a continuing resolution, without it defunding the Affordable Healthcare Act (a.k.a. "Obamacare"), a law passed by Congress and the President over three years ago, as well as being upheld by the Supreme Court.

Speaker Boehner has been in the untenable position of shutting down the government for demands he knows will never happen, just to please a vocal minority of his party.

"I can't go on like this!" cried Boehner. "Bella!"



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