Americans Casually Waiting for
the Next Thing to Blow Up
  JMG News Service
April 22, 2013


Across the country, from sea to shining sea, American citizens are trying to act casual while secretly waiting for something else to blow up.
"I know it's going to happen," said Shirley Watson, of Gulfport, Mississippi. "I just know they're gonna blow up the airforce base."
A study by Jones Research Institute shows that most people think something nearby is going to blow up very soon.
"The proximity factor was the facinating part," said Howard Steinberg, survey coordinator.
"Of course New Yorkers worry about the Empire State Building exploding, they way DC'ers worry about an attack on the Capital Building," said Steinberg.
He recoils for a moment at at loud motorcycle passing by, then continues.
"But some people are sure it will be their nuclear power plant in Kansas. People in the middle of nowhere think it'll be their local Krogers getting bombed."
Where ever people are worried about terrorist attacks, the fear is putting them on edge.
"It's getting so bad, I'm afraid to go to the mall," said Sally Dumond, of Grand Blanc, Michigan.

This story was compiled by the JMG News Service, from contributors at the Atlanta, Gulf Coast and Detroit bureaus.


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