'Fuck All of Your Blogs!'
Co-worker Frustrated with
Friends' Digital Publishing

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    by Cindy Stopher
Post Manhattan Reporter
August 22, 2013


A page-designer suffered a hysterical outburst in the Post Manhattan newsroom Thursday afternoon.
"Fuck all of your blogs!" Wendy Rosen yelled.
She started stating, in great specificity, why she was fed up with her 17 friends' blogs.
"They all suck!" she said. "Alexia writes about her vision board when she's not trying to resell crap she bought on QVC."
Wendy was often critcal of her friends' lack of focus.
"Kelly's got ADD. Today it's a gluten-free cookie recipe, Monday it was Dr. Who fan fiction, before that it was an essay on austerity measures. What the fuck?"
Or even too much focus.
"GOD Mark needs an editor. Does he ever have a thought he doesn't write down? All I can think is, 'Why am I reading this? It's about nothing.'"
She also resented several friends for their blogs' misleadingly clever titles.
"Justin has a WordPress called 'Snarky Thoughts,' which sounds cool, but really it should be called 'Memoirs of a Pussy.'"
She even lashed out at co-workers.
"'Quinntastic' can suck my ass!"
"Screw that little bitch," responded reporter Lindsey Quinn when told.
Wendy's blog hatred extrended to her family as well.
She said she "actively loathes" her cousin's

  Bigfoot blog and her sister's blog on French cuisine.
"They're both morons. And two of my conservative uncles got together and made a Tea Party blog. Blocked that months ago."
There is one blog she doesn't hate.
Wendy admits she regularly visits 'Fuzzy Heaven,' her friend Hanna's blog of cute kitten pictures.
"But everyone else's is just a masturbatory 'dig me' fest," she said.
Wendy blames this new trend of cyber-narcisism on social networking.
"People used to write in diaries they guarded with their lives. Now they put it all on Facebook, and even get pissy if you don't comment immediately. Fuck everybody."
Wendy seemed to think people should keep more to themselves.
"Wait- what are you writing down? You're not going to tell anyone what I said, are you?"
You bet I am, Wendy.
To read more on this, check out my blog, StopherKnows.

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