We at The Morning After Post and all other JMG holdings would like to apologize to our subscribers, readers and listeners for problems with our news service in recent weeks and months.
Jones Media Group has always strived to bring its audience the most complete, competative and entertaining news in the world.
Sadly, competition and entertainment value aren't the considerations in reporting the news in the 21st century.
The Post has fallen prey to a group of cyber-terrorists who appear to be disgruntled JMG employees (though we're not ruling out sabotage by The New York Times and Post).
For whatever reason, these cowards have crippled the IJI and JMG web networks, as well as filling issues in New York, Cleveland, Boise and Scranton with unprintable material.
We have assigned an unpaid intern to head the investigation into the so-called " Army of Truth."
We are confident that this Kent State junior should be able to get to the bottom of these shenannigans, or she will personally apologize for any sabotage in the future.
Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Is P.F. Jones?
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